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Apterian’s 6 Stages of Workforce Planning & Development:

1. Strategic Direction
Understand key mission goals and future objectives set by organization leadership and how the workforce needs to be aligned to achieve them.
2. Supply Analysis
Understand the current workforce and how it is projected to change over time, due to attrition and other trends.
3. Demand Analysis
Understand the organization’s current and future workforce requirements.
4. Gap Analysis
Understand the gaps between workforce demand and supply and define top priority gaps with the greatest impact on organizational performance.
5. Solution Implementation
The appropriate workforce interventions and activities to close identified workforce gaps and enable your organization to meet its strategic goals.
6. Monitoring Progress
Monitor the performance of solutions and their impact on the gaps they were designed to address and to continuously improve the solutions to maximize their effectiveness.


Anacore is a leading customer services provider to small, medium, and large businesses. Our seasoned BPO strategies and skills in Business Process Management make us an ultimate choice for those with goals to reduce operational cost and focus more on core business activities such as revenue generation and cost reduction. Anacore leadership has expertise in outsourcing solutions with achievements especially in back office processing.

Our excellent customer service involves meeting and surpassing expectations. It means we show the customer how important he or she is to your business by interacting with he or she in a friendly- helpful and positive way.  Anacore offers the most trusted, reliable, and customized communication services to fit all your organization’s unique needs.  The quality service that our agents provide to your customers results in high survey ratings and promoters of your business.


We are a Preferred Insurance Agency which means we make insurance human.  Our expert agents walk you through handpicked options with language you can understand.

Through our various partners, offers a full line of insurance products for you as well as your entire family.  We work with multiple companies so we can find you the best quote that fits your needs and budget.  Our insurance products include Auto, Home, Life, Medical, Property, Supplemental, Business, and Personal Liability.  We customize a solution for you by completing a financial needs analysis and putting a plan together to assist you in reaching your goals.

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